Ramon Melo

Multi-Skill Software Developer

ROS Python JavaScript Arduino Robotics Multi-Agent IoT 3D Modeling 3D Printing Drone Cycling

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photon bolt photon thunder exit games
Software Engineer

I'm currently working on ExitGames, mainly maintaining the Photon Bolt package, earlier working on Photon Thunder. Bolt is a networking middleware software for Unity 3D engine, that enables game developers to build multiplayer experiences without worrying about network related layers.

clockwork 3d print
Owner of Clockwork 3D Print

Clockwork 3D is a 3D printing service located in Teresina/PI, that transforms your 3D model project into a real object. We are working mainly with decorative goods, but we already worked with mechanical parts and health assistance prosthesis.

photon thunder
Teacher of Computer Science

I was teacher in Facema Faculty for undergraduate students in several classes, including: (i) Object Oriented Programming, (ii) Design and Programming for Web, (iii) Software Test.

photon thunder
Robotics Engineer

In Sisar.cl I was working on aerial mapping using multirotor and fixed wing drones, mainly for photogrammetry, terrain reports for metal mines, agricultural health in farms, geo-reconstruction and surveillance.


ufmg verlab
Robotics Research

My Master's Degree in Robotics has as theme the Cooperative Transportation using Heterogeneous Robots accomplished during my stay in Verlab - Computer Vision and Robotics Laboratory at UFMG. The main objective was to manipulate and transport several objects in a workspace using terrestrial and aerial robots in a coordinated manner.

Technology in Computer Science

I made my graduation in Informatics on IFPI - Federal Institute of PiauĂ­, having as final work a research of using Arduino and Inertial Sensors as a tool for a medical follow-up for patients in the physiotherapeutic treatment of shoulder and knee joints.