Welcome Back!

It’s been awhile that I don’t write anything on the blog, fortunately for good reasons. Many things happened in the past months, and the blog was left out, but I never forgot it. I was at the end of my undergraduate course, numerous tasks to finish, some projects, both personal and work… Well, many things.

In July of last year I asked to get in the University of Minas Gerais, to enter in Masters of Computer Science in the field of Robotics and Computer Vision, and was with great happiness that I knew about my approval. All was novelty since then, new city, bigger and full of possibilities, with new challenges and a entire world ready to be studied and experienced.

Well, the intent here, and from now, is talk a little more about the new life, about my studies and everything that this can be involved. Hope you enjoy.

Skeleton Viewer

After weeks of development, a new version of Skeleton Viewer was released, and various features was added, like limits and the possibility to save the captured data. And finally, the system can be tested in a clinical center to check your capabilities.

Skeleton Viewer is a system that can gauge angles and stability with help of sensors, to be applied in some physiotherapy treatments and physical tests to help them in a few necessities, like the mesure the range of motion of joints or if a movement was made without tremor.

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Canadarm – Game

Canadarm was developed in the Dark Side of the JAM, an event promoted by NASA; 48 hours of thinking, development and testing, was very difficult, but very rewarding.

In the game, you are a astronaut that need to rescue some satellites from space, and to do that you will control the Canadarm, a robotic arm attached on a spaceship to catch them. The game focus is the reality, despite the virtual environment. So, based on few commands, seeing through four cameras and running versus the time, you need to catch it quickly as possible.

The game still in development, but you can download and try it now, available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Let’s see if you are so good like an astronaut. :)

Dark Side of the JAM

Overcome, was the word of the JAM.

After 48 hours of a lot of work, learning, achievements, frustrations, teamwork, coordination, few hours of sleep and above all, overcoming… I survived ! And I’m here to tell the story 8-)

We were 20 people, between participants and organizers; 5 teams, 5 games, and everything worked very fine, better than expected. Working in a project that starts from scratch and has to be done in less than 2 days and still in the end is functioning is very rewarding.

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Dark Side of the JAM – Preparation

Dark Side of the JAM logo

Hello dear friends programmers, in this weekend approaching I will participate of an event promoted by NASA ! Haha, yes, NASA, what makes everything more interesting.

The “Dark Side of the JAM” is an event that will occur at March 8th to 10th, this year, and takes as objective the creation of games involving science, technology, learning and space exploration. There will be 48 hours with no break for conception, creation and test of the game.

I’ve never attended an event like this, what makes me curious to know how I will behave and if I can make something entertaining, let’s wait to see.

There are other headquarters participating in event, most in EUA, and we have two here in Brazil, only two, unfortunately. One here in Teresina, promoted by Sertão Games and another in Novo Hamburgo.

Now, let’s rest a little, the next days must be productive.

Link of the Sertão Games and Novo Hamburgo headquarters.